Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Painting FAQs

Catchlight Painting is proud to offer superlative interior and exterior commercial painting of occupied and unoccupied spaces throughout the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area.

With decades of experience, extensive knowledge of high-quality and durable finishes, we are able to offer our clients professional and courteous service to property and facility managers who need prompt and reliable service from skilled and uniformed painters.

Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions we receive from our commercial clients.

1. What differentiates a commercial painting company from a residential one?

Great question! Probably attention to detail. Homeowners are more emotionally invested their projects and bring greater scrutiny of finishes than does a facility manager who is overseeing a complex schedule with multiple competing priorities all day. Whether a residential or commercial painting project, however, any customer should expect prompt, attentive, professional service, from start to finish.

2. Can you handle weekend and night work, and does this cost extra?

Yes, we can and there is an additional charge for ‘off-hours’ work schedules. This upcharge is often worth investment if it means no or minimal downtime for your facility.

3. Does your crew speak English and are they professional painters?

Yes, all our employees must speak English, must be professional full-time painters, and all are employees of Catchlight Painting, not subcontractors or casual laborers. Further, we run background checks and drug test all our employees, for your peace of mind, and ours. And, every Catchlight employee shows up in a company uniform, every time.

4. Should we assume you use a lower grade of commercial paint that will require more maintenance?

No, we use Benjamin Moore premium products like Scuff-X, a revolutionary resin that is highly durable and resistant to scuffing. All our products are designed for safe use in occupied spaces!

5. I’m tired of seeing the wrong color used on touch ups on my facility – how do you handle this?

First, we label paint cans that are left with your facility so you know exactly what gets applied to which surface and we track all colors and products for future reference; we will provide you a copy of this data but also store it so you don’t have to.

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All work is guaranteed for three years, inside and out.
Catchlight Painting is fully licensed and insured. HIC license #151854